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Digitalizing energy planning. Mastering complexity.

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Energy planning as it should be: holistic and efficient

One platform to elevate your energy planning

Say goodbye to lengthy data collection processes and scattered project input data sheets. With digitalized energy planning, the days of tool jumping, manual data handling and repetitive tasks are over.

Reduced complexity

Increased efficiency

Collaborative process

Easy and secure data integration

Access a single, integrated platform representing multi-energy carriers and demands
Reduce time and costs by up to five times
Collaborate digitally with multiple users on the same project
Advanced data handling using GIS data formats, API-based data integration
Model integrated energy systems combining new and conventional technologies for energy production, storage, and transport
Automatically find the best energy system design among thousands of options
Develop and deploy a shared database with your team
Flexibly integrate different data types, like time-series, building information, geo-referenced data and geometry
Translate your cost and environmental objectives into concrete supply solutions and systems
Access built-in databases with energy demand profiles, technology modules, and building information
Share results in intuitive and interactive dashboards to gain buy-in from stakeholders
State-of-the-art encryption and multi-factor authenticatio
+ 1.6 million
tons of C0â‚‚ potentially saved
+ 5.1 TWh
potentially optimized
+ 4 million
configurations analyzed
+ 20
major planning
projects developed

Empowering energy planners

Develop future-oriented energy concepts for projects of all sizes and shape sustainable, grid-supportive and cost-effective energy systems.

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  • Plan holistically
    Explore a broad spectrum of solutions and develop optimized energy system solutions meeting multiple demands.

  • Plan efficiently
    Reduce planning efforts with our intelligent algorithms, built-in data resources, and fast iterations.

  • Plan transparently
    Engage stakeholders in the planning process and make fact-based, transparent planning decisions.

  • Plan sustainably
    Our platform powers the integration of renewables, and enables optimal use of new technologies and innovative energy supply concepts.

Comprehensive customer support

•  Onboarding session with our experts
•  Live technical support
•  Searchable user guide and API documentation
•  Optional packages for comprehensive project-based     support and software customization

Getting started with Sympheny

Design the optimal energy supply solution for any site in four steps:

  • 1

    Select your site
    Specify energy import candidates, on-site resources candidates and energy demands.

  • 2

    Assemble your menu of technology candidates.
    Specify candidates for conversion, storage and distribution technologies.

  • 3

    Execute your optimization
    Let Sympheny’s optimization engine search through 1'000s of different supply system configurations to find the optimal solution for your site.

  • 4

    Explore your results
    Our graphically rich, interactive dashboards will provide you with detailed insight into the optimal solutions.

Find out what our platform can do for you

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