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Urban energy. Optimized.

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Urban energy. Optimized.

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Our history

Sympheny was founded in April 2020 as a spinoff of the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa, an institute of the ETH Domain.

Sympheny’s core technologies in multi-energy systems optimization and analytics were developed and validated in various research projects carried out at Empa and ETH Zürich over a period of 7 years. Our continued partnership with Empa and ETH Zürich in these areas gives Sympheny an exceptional innovation capacity which enables us to deliver market-leading products and unique value to our customers.

Sympheny’s 4 cofounders – Andrew Bollinger, Matthias Sulzer, Boran Morvaj and Julien Marquant – are former colleagues at Empa with complementary specialties in data science, simulation and energy planning.  Our team combines deep knowledge of Sympheny’s underlying technologies with energy sector & business development expertise and startup experience.

Our team

Alice Chevrier
Project & Sales Engineer
Alice is a building systems expert with a background in civil engineering and previous experience as a consultant for sustainable buildings at Transsolar.
Andrew Bollinger
CEO & Co-founder
Andrew is an energy sector expert with a PhD in energy optimization and many years of experience working at the intersection of research & practice in the energy sector.
Bo Vandersteene
Senior Frontend Developer
Bo has a degree in Computer Science and is completing a master in Geographic Information Systems. She has extensive experience in Frontend Development with firms such as Colruyt Group, Verb Tech, Pix4D.
Boran Morvaj
IT/Data Science Advisor & Co-founder
Boran is a data science expert with a PhD in energy analytics and previous experience as a data scientist at Bain and Quantum Analytics.
Carlos Pacheco
Product Engineer
Carlos is a buildings system expert with a background in architecture and energy systems and previous experience as a software developer in the construction industry.
Charles Dabadie
Principal Backend Software Developer
Charles obtained his masters in computer science, applied maths and aerospace engineering in France and the US, visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, and with extensive international experience as a backend software engineer.
Jillian McLaren
Software Engineer
Jillian is a Web developer, with previous experience in Blend and NBCUniversal as full-stack software Engineer. She also holds degree in Environmental Science from UC Santa Barbara.
Johannes Haedicke
CFO & Business Development
Johannes is an expert in strategic finance and business performance with an MSc in Finance from Stockholm School of Economics. Previously he was a management consultant with Oliver Wyman and Applied Value.
Josien de Koning
Junior Product Engineer
Josien is pursuing a Master in Integrated Building Systems at ETH Zürich, where she focuses on energy flexibility and storage. She also has experience in software development for industrialized construction.
Julien Marquant
CPTO & Co-founder
Julien is an energy expert with a PhD in energy optimization and previous experience as a project manager at the International Renewable Energy Agency.
Matthias Sulzer
Co-founder & President of the Board of Directors
Matthias is an energy sector expert, a professor and a former energy planner who previously founded his own engineering company and brought it to the stock market.
Moritz Amsler
Junior Project & Sales Engineer
Moritz has a degree in Energy Systems Engineering and he is currently pursuing a Master in Energy & Environment at HSLU
Shanshan Hsieh
Business Developer & Energy Simulation Engineer
Shanshan is an expert in urban energy systems with a PhD in energy optimization. She enjoys interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogues on energy planning and has experience across temperate and tropical climate regions.
Shipra Mohan
Master Thesis (Sympheny / ETH Zürich)
Shipra is pursuing her master in Energy Science and Technology at ETH Zürich. Her thesis contributes to the transition of current energy systems to a more sustainable and self-reliant future.
Youssef Sherif
Senior Software Development Engineer, Modelling and Optimization
Youssef is a software engineer and energy optimization expert, with MSc from ETHZ in Energy Systems & Technology. He is currently completing his AWS certification as professional Solutions Architect.
Yunshu Li
Business Developer & Data/Modelling Scientist
Yunshu is trained in power systems optimisation and planning, with previous experience at IRENA, Aurora Energy Research and Grab. She has a MEng from Oxford University.

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