Development of an optimized energy concept for Insel-Holligen

Client: Energie Wasser Bern (ewb), Eicher+Pauli

Energy Planers: Energie Wasser Bern (ewb), Eicher+Pauli

Site: Insel-Holligen, Bern, Total energy (heating & cooling) demand: 90’000 MWh, modelled as 6 energy hubs

Keywords: District heating, Groundwater, River water, Heat pumps, Cooling


EnergieWasser Bern (ewb) and Eicher+Pauli employed Sympheny software to develop an energy concept for the Insel-Holligen area in Bern, Switzerland, aiming to identify the most suitable technologies and renewable energy sources to meet future energy needs. They specifically focused on the potential of a low-temperature thermal network utilizing groundwater and river water, considering seasonal limitations to ensure sustainable resource use.

Sympheny's algorithms helped identify a range of optimal energy supply solutions for the site, offering a trade-off between cost minimization and CO2 emissions reduction. These solutions included the selection of technology candidates and thermal network connections, providing planners with optimal sizing and component locations. Furthermore, a sensitivity analysis involving various future energy prices and demand scenarios was conducted, allowing ewb and Eicher+Pauli to efficiently develop an optimized energy supply concept for Insel-Holligen with confidence.

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