Feasibility of on-site green hydrogen production to decarbonize heavy mobility in Switzerland

Client: BG Engineers

Energy Planners: BG Engineers

Site: An industrial site with 20,000 m2 available surface and a small neighborhood with 14 multi-family houses, both in Western Switzerland

Keywords: green hydrogen, heavy mobility, sector coupling, decarbonization, 2050 targets


Green hydrogen is seen as a crucial energy carrier for decarbonization. In Switzerland, it is predicted that green hydrogen could help decarbonize one of the most challenging sectors: heavy mobility. With energy sectors becoming increasingly integrated to drive the energy transition, two main challenges of producing green hydrogen are production costs and the sensible use of on-site renewable resources.  

Engineers from BG turned to Sympheny to help them to study the commercial viability of optimal resource utilization for green hydrogen production. Our web application efficiently analyzed data from various energy streams and successfully highlighted the benefits of sector coupling. This enabled BG Group to identify the optimal system design to use excess renewable electricity produced from PV panels for green hydrogen production and achieve the project’s decarbonization goals.

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