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January 22, 2024

Sympheny Joins the Esri Partner Network

To succeed in the energy transition, it is vital that informed, optimal decisions are made. This means that planning and development of new energy systems concepts must be supported by digital models and optimization algorithms. 


At the beginning of 2022, recognizing the importance of geo-spatial analysis within the urban energy sector, Sympheny integrated a geographical information system (GIS) interface directly within their WebApp. This significant step allows users to combine Sympheny’s core technology in digital twin and optimization algorithms and GIS to generate new possibilities for gathering information on the local boundary conditions of their urban site. Generally fragmented data sources will have the potential to directly be assembled within a powerful and comprehensive data analysis tool. Moreover, the clarity provided by geospatial visualization is an influential communication medium for enhancing project comprehension and involvement across all stakeholders.  


By joining the Esri StartUp Program, Sympheny reaffirms its vision to develop an ecosystem allowing a seamless transition between the data knowledge, the development of a digital twin and the data analysis. Indeed, driving the energy transition requires the reliable identification of optimized energy supply system configurations for achieving net-zero CO2 at feasible costs for the society.  As the global leader in location intelligence, Esri is an ideal partner.


More particularly, Sympheny and Esri’s partnership has the objective to develop a seamless workflow between ArcGIS Urban and Sympheny. ArcGIS Urban integrates Sympheny’s vision as it has the purpose to foster intelligent urban design:  it is an immersive 3D experience designed to improve urban planning and decision-making and to simplify project collaboration between the project stakeholders. 


This powerful product integration will allow for planners to combine a GIS based model with data and to seamlessly have them integrated within a digital twin / optimization software. Within this workflow, users can directly enter the built environment constraints of their site within ArcGIS Urban (among others e.g. data about the type, end-use or geometries of buildings). These are then seamlessly embedded in the Sympheny software; the urban energy model in Sympheny is automatically tailored to the site.


“The direct integration of the services provided by ArcGISUrban is exactly the type of scenarios we target as part of our partnership. We need strong stakeholders within the field to unite to propose truly optimal solutions for the development of sustainable infrastructures, critical in reducing carbon emissions, and achieving sustainable development goals,“ says Julien Marquant, co-founder and CPTO at Sympheny.  


About ArcGIS Urban: ArcGISUrban is an immersive 3D experience designed to improve urban planning and decision-making. Quickly visualise projects in your local context and leverage location intelligence to drive better decisions. Be more proactive and less reactive in your planning process. Simplify project collaboration across internal agencies and public stakeholders.  

About Sympheny: Sympheny empowers the planners and managers of buildings & local areas to drive the global energy transition. Our unique combination of digital twin technology and intelligent algorithms allows us to provide for the new knowledge needs of energy planners, facility managers and site owners in the emerging energy landscape.


If you would like more information about this topic, please visit our website or contact Alice Chevrier at

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